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I suck at bloging. Hardcore. I really hope to get back into the swing of things. Especially now that I’m signing up to participate in Wardrobe Refashion over at

French Toast

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First signs….

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Since I have…

…A passion for fashion..Well not really unless it’s vintage or antique. I do however enjoy music from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, so here’s a little Buddy Holly for you.

Turkey thursday


The list is the 106 books most often noted as unread by Library Thing users. Bold is for books you’ve read. Italics for books you’ve started but haven’t finished. Strikethrough is for books you found unreadable. In addition, if a book is underlined then it’s on The List to Read (possibly even in the Stack by the Bed!)

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My local Pick N Save is moving all the selves around again. I now I can’t find anything. But I did manage to find the 50% of shelves. I got a package of organic dark rye flour and one of soy flour for like $0.50. They’re the Bobs Red Mill 22 oz bags. And then I got two boxes of rye bread mix for $0.50 each. So I’m thinking of all the good bread that will be made with them. A fish fry is defiantly in order for a loaf of rye bread.