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I survived.

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Snow-pocalypse 08!

That was at about noon today. More snow has fallen since then. So far the number I’ve seen is 10″. But with the winds there are drifts and the one on my steps was about 20″ deep. I’ll take the snow over the tornadoes that swept through the south last night and early this morning.

Edit: The total for my city was 16 inches. Some got as few as 10″ but some got up to 20″ of snow.

KitchenMage does it again.

Since here biscuit recipe turned out so well yesterday, I was in the mood for bread making. So I decided to give another KitchenMage recipe a try. This time it was her potato bread. Continue reading

Christmas Tree

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My Shawl.

So here’s some not so great pics of my shawl that I made.

This post contains crafted adult content.

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I have sleeves. Okay so only the left is attached and it still needs to be gathered and have a cuff sewn on but it’s there. The other is cut out and waiting to be sewn. Then it’s onto the skirt and bib.

In other news, Saturday I stopped at a local antique store with my mom and was happy to find two new(to me) photos to add to my very small collection. Some people think it’s kind of weird to collect old photos but the way I see it if other people don’t want photos of their relatives then I’ll take them in and love them like my own.

The wedding couple:

What looks like two couples or just a group of friends:

Really crappy photo of a photo. As soon as I have time I’ll scan them into my computer and put them up on my flickr.