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My Shawl.

So here’s some not so great pics of my shawl that I made.

Bad Blogger bad.

I’ve been busy refinishing a table this week so I haven’t really been on all that much. But I did manage to knit a shawl using the Truly Tasha Shawl pattern. I used size 10 needles and that Pound of Yarn stuff so the shawl turned out slightly different. I’m currently crocheting a lace edge around it in black thread. I think it’ll be really nice. Cozy enough to keep away the chill. So yeah. I’ll try and have something interesting to post in a few days. If you’ve got any ideas on things you’d like me to post, leave a comment.

Ta da!

Progress on the regency stays. I was going to hand sew the channels for the cording but that would have taken forever. Then I tried doing it on the treadle singer but also takes a while, so it’s the brand spankin’ new machine(well from last year).

Close up of some of the quilting started:

And I’m finally knitting up the blue handspun that I made. It’s ‘s branching out. I’m using my double pointed needles with little rubber bands on one side to stop the yarn from falling off the end.

I knit

This is my current knitting project. It’s a scarf version of Cozy on Caron’s worsted weight acrylic 4 ply in off white on US 10/ 6.0 mm steel needles.

Cozy scarf