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Action Shots

I am wearing an 1800 drop front dress. The bodice and sleeves were heavily altered from Simplicity 4022. My hair’s not very regency but it’s just too long to do proper regency styles with. On to the pictures.

Full length front:

Full length back:

Close up of the side:

Close up of the back:


It’s done and I love it. Even if there are some things that could be done better next time.


Side :


Skirt is attached to bodice. All that needs to be done is the bib binding, attaching bib to skirt, and a little hand sewing. Then I need to whip up some kind of petticoat.

The homestretch.

I’ve finished both sleeves and cut out the bib, made the bindings for the bib, and have figured out how I want the skirt arranged. The end is near, I can see it.

Bit sloppy looking but you get the general idea:


I have sleeves. Okay so only the left is attached and it still needs to be gathered and have a cuff sewn on but it’s there. The other is cut out and waiting to be sewn. Then it’s onto the skirt and bib.

In other news, Saturday I stopped at a local antique store with my mom and was happy to find two new(to me) photos to add to my very small collection. Some people think it’s kind of weird to collect old photos but the way I see it if other people don’t want photos of their relatives then I’ll take them in and love them like my own.

The wedding couple:

What looks like two couples or just a group of friends:

Really crappy photo of a photo. As soon as I have time I’ll scan them into my computer and put them up on my flickr.

Holy Crap!

Look I made progress. The bodice mock up came and went and now I’ve got the final cut and sewed together. I just need to finish ironing the edges. I also started a sleeve mockup. First one was too tight. Second one is too long on the outside and too short on the inside and a bit tight round the top of my arm. So hopefully third try is the charm.

In other news, I’ve finished Episode 8 for Days and I think that I am going to switch back to picture format and then just write the super-duper-top-secret-Blather-board-member-eyes-only movie as a short story.

I suck at titles

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