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Well, well, well.

Since I managed to spaz out whilst making pizza two days ago the only pic I go was of the poofy goodness that the crust produced.

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I finally got to eat biscuits with strawberry jelly. Continue reading

KitchenMage does it again.

Since here biscuit recipe turned out so well yesterday, I was in the mood for bread making. So I decided to give another KitchenMage recipe a try. This time it was her potato bread. Continue reading

biscuits, bitches!

I love just about any kind of bread there is. White, wheat, potato, 12 grain, but I really love biscuits. Why? Why the hell not? Their quick and easy and their flaky, buttery goodness will have just about anyone asking for more. I typically use Jiffy mix for making my biscuits unless I want buttermilk biscuits and then I use my tried and true recipe that I got out of an Amish cook book . But after reading kitchenmage‘s post yesterday about biscuits I’ve decided to give her recipe a spin. So for dinner I’m going to make biscuits, pork chops, and my yummy homemade mashed potatoes. Here’s hoping all goes well. I’ll post results after dinner.

Update: If you have never made biscuits, run to kitchenmage’s site and make her biscuits. They turned out nice and flaky. Something I have never achieved with homemade biscuits before. I will never use Jiffy Mix again.

Cookie Marathon

The thing about not being on is more for my friends on Blather.

Cran Bran Muffins

I modified the basic muffin recipe from my Good Housekeeping cookbook and made these cranberry bran muffins. I replace 1/2 cup flour for 1/2 cup bran and added about 2 cups fresh cranberries to the mixture. Half got fancy sugar crystals on them the other half had a few cranberries placed on top.

With sugar on top.

With berries on top.

I bake

Tonight I am making Cardamom Butter Cookies. They are still chilling but so far so good.

All done.