My name is Cassie and I graduated college with an associates degree in accounting back in May. I currently am the maker of the Days of Our Blather episodes located here. I love historical clothing from a huge range of periods, my favorites are 1780’s-1800’s and 1900’s-1910’s. I really hate the 1830’s and the 1890’s. I have a 1917 Singer treadle sewing machine and a 1940’s Kodak Brownie Target six-20 and a old hand crank phonograph. I also have lots of little vintage odds and ends that I have been given by my grandma and great grandma like a 1970’s Sunbeam Mixmaster. I love to collect old photos, aprons, and teacups. I bake, cook, sew, knit, crochet, read, and garden.

My myspace is here

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