Why are people so stupid?

This was posted on a board I frequent:

  …it is very sad that of all the things that go on in this site or on this world in general you would focus on someones learning disable (dyslexia) and feeling to expression one self visually (VIDs)…It is sad to to know that High School is alive and well and living in “board”, I publicly worn others about this site and I yes I am a ASSHOLE (smile), Please just enjoy VIDs…and please continue making fun of others who come to the Joe Smith site a learn that this site (board name removed by me) is toxic.

Yeah we’re totally focusing on the fact that you have dyslexia. Or maybe we keep ragging on you because you called us losers who were basically stalking “Joe Smith” when you’re the one who has posted thanking “Joe” for putting up with your stalking. Do you not understand that you can’t publicly make fun of people and then go around asking them to watch your crappy fanvids?

God damn woman, get a clue.


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