Well, well, well.

Since I managed to spaz out whilst making pizza two days ago the only pic I go was of the poofy goodness that the crust produced.

I hate thin crust like a 6 year old hates bed time. So naturally I made a crust of yeasty goodness thinking that it would be akin to the ones I had previously produced from the package mixes found at the store. Oh no. This proved to be a very prolific riser in the oven. Barely any indication whatsoever that I had tried to make it thiner in the middle with a good edge to keep the sauce and toppings in.

So the lessons I learned:

1. I probably could have gotten away with not using all of the dough.

2. I need to learn how to do the tossing thing ala Alton Brown and not Mr. Big Showy Pizza dude trying to impress the ladies.

In other crafty-ness, I’m remembering why I dislike crocheting in the winter. My fingers may be chubby little things but boy do they get cold. And when they’re cold they refuse to work properly. But never the less I continue on ward intent on making my self a snood. I’m getting tired of pigtails and buns every day.


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