Because sometimes I like doing strange things.

I found this and liked it. So without futha ado here’s my answers:

1. It’s about House Fandoms so I got rid of it.

2. Tell me a bad habit of yours.

Ummm. I chew on the tip of my left pinky finger when I’m thinking sometimes. And I stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating. I like to chew on plastic straws and spoons.

3. What’s one place in the world you really want to go to before you die?

Europe. Specifically Poland, England, Ireland, and France.

5. The obligatory desert island question… You’re going to one and only allowed to take three things, and those three things are…:

A working boat with a good motor and a full tank of fuel.

6. What music are you into?

Classical. Rock. 80’s. Oldies. It’s just a random jumble of oddness. Like Josh Groban and Rob Zombie. Or Maroon 5 and Neil Diamond.

7. Tell me three things you ABSOLUTELY HATE.

The sound of an alarm clock. People who can’t drive for shit and this includes not using turn signals. Being cold in the summer.

8. If you could shag anyone in the world, male or female, who would that be? PIC SPAM IS ENCOURAGED.

Well maybe not shag as he’s gay but I’ve a geek crush on the man.

*thud* Sex. This man is pure sex.

I’m sorry, what was I saying? I forgot.

I love a man who can belt out classical music. Josh Groban is awesome.

9. Tell me your talents! All of them!

I knew the lyrics to The Phantom of the Opera when I was 10. And read the entire book by Gaston Leroux at 12.
I can recite the Hail Mary thing and I’m not Catholic.
I can make a three leaf clover with my tongue.
I can grow my hair from boy short to past my waist in under 4 years.

10. If you do stuff in fandom (eg fics, icons, vids, etc), link me to the piece of work of yours that you’re most proud of.

I don’t make any fandom stuffs, I just hoard the stuff like there’s no tomorrow.

11. What’s something weird you enjoy that gets you odd looks from other people?

When I start quoting shows word for word, laughing because the show was funny. I usually end with, “You’d think it was funny if you had saw it.”

12. Your religious beliefs.

There’s a god. I’m not real religious. But I do believe that yeah there’s a god but not the created the earth in 7 days god. Because evolution makes total sense to me. I’d love to be able to say I’m jewish or catholic or something like that because it’s difficult to tell people who ask when you don’t have a name or word for what you believe in.

13. Your favorite foods!

Chicken – especially in nugget form. Pizza with loads of cheesy goodness. Bread, I love bread, used to eat slices of the stuff with ketchup for a snack.

14. Tell me the story behind your LJ username. – like I said I got this from a lj user.

My username here on wordpress is doobcrafts. doob stands for Days of Our Blather which was a show like thing I posted on the Eddie Izzard blather board. It’s sort of fizzled and died.

15. Your favourite moment in House.

Wilson on Speed, I could pee my pants giggling it’s that funny.


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