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I finally got to eat biscuits with strawberry jelly. I made another batch of those awesome biscuits from last week, which will be called the freakin’ awesome biscuits from now on, and loaded two up with some jelly. Best thing ever. Hands down. And I’ve eaten some good biscuits before but these just blew them out of the water.

Now I probably sound like I have some kind of crush on KitchenMage but I don’t. Well maybe just a little, and who wouldn’t. She bakes, gardens, and has the worlds cutest kittens. But if thinking someone is really awesome means that you’ve got a crush on them, then I’ve got a lot of internet blog crushes.


2 responses to “Finally.

  1. okay, now i am sitting here wishing i had some beautiful biscuits i could eat with some strawberry jam. that sounds absolutely perfect.

    (oh and love that you read kevin smith’s blog…he cracks me up in a big way)

  2. Thanks Liz. Kevin Smith is just a whole lot of awesome.

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