KitchenMage does it again.

Since here biscuit recipe turned out so well yesterday, I was in the mood for bread making. So I decided to give another KitchenMage recipe a try. This time it was her potato bread.

I’m a huge fan of potato bread it has a different feel than plain ol’ white bread does. But I have never made it myself so this was a first. I had also never made a loaf without a pan or tried using steam to create a crispy crust. My bread repertoire only includes white and whole wheat white. Always game for bread making I decided what the heck and threw caution to the wind.

Following the recipe about as close as I do with anything else, I use unbleached AP flour instead of bread flour and some whole wheat pastry flour instead of the AP used during the kneading. I also added about 2 teaspoons of dill weed.

After baking for 35 minutes, the bread came out of the oven. It had a wonderful crust and was baked clean through, something I’ve yet to manage with consistency using my big loaf pans. The first day it was okay, a little plain tasting but today the dill has had a chance to mellow and now it’s a wonderful tasting dill bread. The crust isn’t hard anymore but that’s okay. I will defiantly be making this again, especially because my mom wants to try the bake potato version I told her about. More photos can be found over here on my flickr.


One response to “KitchenMage does it again.

  1. *dances about merrily*

    Two bready triumphs in two days!

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