Wholesome goodness

Ever since the Good Health Market opened near my house I have gotten more and more interested in eating organic foods. I don’t eat everything organic but I do enjoy organic free range eggs as often as possible and real whole milk from grass fed cows every now and again and a few other organic items. So being the forward thinking young person that I am, I was shocked to learn that in Pennsylvania, they have taken away the right for dairies to label their milk as being rBGH or bovine growth hormone free. Eat Local Challenge’s post today talks about a consumers right to know what’s in their food and where their food comes from. And I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure that there are lots of people who could care less what’s in their food much less where it comes from. But there is a growing section of the population who are concerned with their well being and believe that it starts with the food. The government really shouldn’t be taking away information that some consumers want to know just because companies like Monsanto want consumers to remain in the dark about what chemicals are going into the foods that are being eaten everyday.


One response to “Wholesome goodness

  1. That’s crazy! It reminds me of when the federal government decided a couple years ago that organic meat didn’t have to have organic feed if it was too expensive! It’s too bad that we are not allowed to make our own choices, and it is too bad that the government feels that it should protect poor little multi-billion dollar companies at the expense of the big bad consumer…

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