I made a table.

Okay I didn’t really make it but I did refinish it.I grew up eating at this table and it’s atleast as old as I am. After all four of the matching chairs broke my momma decided it was time to get a different table. This one was put into the garage until new chairs could be found for it. Well it sat there for about 10 years and we finally found chairs that worked enough for us to buy them and so we did and I had the goal of finishing the table by Thanksgiving. Which means just 1 1/2 weeks for me to clean, sand, paint and stain, and then varnish the stained part on the table. Well I finished with time to spare. Put it together last night. (note to self: take a picture of how the hardware works on the table before you take it apart. Will save tons of time.)

So here is a pic of the table about 15 years ago.

And with the striper on it.

During the painting/staining fiasco.

All done.

With the leafs down.

The original hardware.

Close up of the wood.


One response to “I made a table.

  1. I’m impressed, you did a great job!

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