Writers strike

Nearly a week after beginning and the writers strike continues. The news reports online focus not on the progress of the talks or even the lack of them, but on what show will be affected next.

I firmly believe that what the writers are doing is a great thing. The writer has long been over looked and underappreciated. I am appalled that the most important aspect of this strike is how people might have to watch reruns instead of brand spanking new episodes. Maybe this will help more people turn off the t.v. and do something productive. Read a book, volunteer you time, plant a tree. Do something, anything besides complaining that the “greedy” writers aren’t working.

I’m not saying that I’m not disappointed by what will eventually be extra reruns of the shows I watch. I am. But I also support the writers. As the world of media changes around us, the companies must accept the changes and change with them. You cannot expect a writer to site back and be paid according to rules made in a time before DVDs and internet downloads. New media is not going to be a short lived fad. It will be here until it is replaced by the new “new” media.

Support the writers. Support their cause. The sooner the companies realize that the strike will not end without changing the contracts, the sooner they can get back to doing what they do bes. Making money by winning you time. Time that could be better spent doing something else.



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