You may not like me after reading this.

For the 3 or 4 people who actually read this: Um yeah. You might be shocked to hear that I have strong views regarding politics and things of that nature. So if you don’t like me after this, frankly you can just kindly go away.

Growing up I wasn’t one for protests and making a stand and all that jazz but once I hit high school and joined the Gay-Straight Alliance I started to feel like this was something I wanted to do. I wanted to make a sign and protest with others who felt the same way.

So in the spring of 2002 I participated in the Day of Silence. I felt awesome.Who knew that I, Cassie 14 year old sophomore loner art drama choir kid, could feel so empowered by something as simple as being silent. So the next year I did it again. The next year the GSA suffered a set back due to a poor leader, so as VP I took over with my friend and secretary Katie, hoping that we could bring some life back to the group. Sadly it seemed that all of the strong pro gay people had graduated the year before and the GSA died a very slow death. This marked the end of my social involvement in a liberal organization. But not for long.

During my 3rd year of college I took a class about sociology. The teacher was the coolest Anti-Bush, pro-choice liberal lady in her early 30’s. She showed us the documetry Showdown in Seattle, which for those of you who don’t know is about the protesting that took place during the WTO meetings in Seattle. I was totally awe-struck that these people took the power into their own hands and stood up for their own rights. They weren’t afraid to get arrested, maced or beating by the police. I was angered by the police and the Coast Guard’s actions towards the protesters.

After years of adamantly denying a peer imposed lesbian label, commenting to myself that while I am attracted to males I cannot help but think that I would be open to the possibility that I could fall for a female, I discovered Eddie Izzard. I can now confidently say that I am pansexual. Man, woman, transvestite, drag king, gender fuck. It matters not what you perceived gender is. The mind, personality, the fiber of your being is what someone should be attracted too. While EI wearing stockings and heels is quiet sexy and I find it attractive, his mind is a vast well and is facinating.

So what does my sexuality have to do with protesting. Everything. Nothing. Does it really have to relate in an obvious way? This is my protest. I may look like a sweet innocent girl next door who will get married and have kids and live happily ever after with her husband. But I may end up with a cross dressing dyke with our 2 beautiful adopted children. Who knows. All I know is that what ever happens, I will never give up on my right to love whomever I want to love.

Where is your anger?

The Times of Harvey Milk.

Never Forget


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