I make costumes

After drawing my pattern out on paper, I cut it out of this heavy cotton duck/broadcloth(?) to check fit. Looks okay so far. Made small modifications like shortening it and cutting the cups a little bigger. Now I have this layer and a layer of cotton muslin pinned together.

front of staysfront of staysBack of stays

Inspired by Kathrine’s 1790’s transitional stays. After the stays are done I’m going to make a toile of the bodice for a drop front dress.


One response to “I make costumes

  1. I love doing that kind of stitching! Once I made a corsette for a lady that got married under and awning I made…absurd!
    I have been using the same pattern for almost 20 yrs and have made many modifications…I love all the hand work involved.
    I love my gift and it seems you have it as well….

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